For high potential teams and leaders wanting to feel clear, confident & credible  

Being 'clearly confident' has a powerful impact on your people, brand and results. 

No matter how smart or senior your or your people are, everyone can benefit by connecting with colleagues or clients more authentically and successfully, without needing years of experience or development.

When your team is satisfied, efficient and high performing, that leads to improved business performance through great client experiences, strengthened relationships and trust.

Our 'Clearly Confident' program helps teams, leaders and founders to build their confidence, capability, effectiveness and impact using our 6C framework below.


Drawing on over 20 years of experience in consulting, facilitating, leadership, communication and resilience, we have helped research teams, senior educators and executives from all sectors to be clearly confident and thrive at work. 

For teams:

Team explore and apply the 6C framework below in 3 x half-day sessions, with optional individual coaching sessions for each participant to consolidate the learnings.

For individuals:

A six week program guides individuals though an series of individualized and targeted sessions to help them to become 'Clearly Confident'. 

For founders:

A 6-month intensive program for small business founders to clarify their business direction and lead themselves and their team with confidence. 
















"Working with Sophie was a wonderful experience. Sophie helped to identify specific areas that I wanted to (and needed to) work through, coupled with regular follow ups and real-life opportunities to practice skills and techniques I had learned. It really helped me unravel my nerves and put strategies in place to find speaking engagements less daunting – even almost enjoyable!"  Jess Lees, Leader, Humanitarian Advisory Group

"I can’t recommend Sophie Graves’ program highly enough. When I first contacted Sophie, I was feeling very isolated, overwhelmed and unsure of my skills as the Director of my small business. Having never studied business prior to becoming a business owner, I always felt as though I knew very little about how to be a “proper” manager of my staff. During our initial sessions, she spent a considerable amount of time finding out about my business so that she could tailor our sessions to my specific needs. After we had identified my unique goals, we worked together to find workable solutions to my problems. One area that I was finding most challenging was feedback sessions with staff. Sophie helped me learn some simple strategies to put in place to ensure that I was well-prepared but that the meeting was a respectful and supportive one between both parties. This has made an enormous difference to the way that I now engage with all my staff and I am no longer under-confident about conducting these types of meetings.  Through my monthly individual sessions, I’ve learned, first and foremost, that I know far more than I think I do!   However, Sophie has taught me highly useful techniques to help fine tune my knowledge. I have found her style to be approachable, consultative and supportive. The sessions were highly practical and I was instantly able to put her recommendations into practice. She has helped me to feel more confident and self-assured as a Director. I feel as though I have a coach in my corner and I know that I will continue to seek out her support as I need it. Her business mentoring/coaching services have been invaluable. Thank-you Sophie!"   Olivia Connelly, Director, Gameplan

"Sophie’s program helped me develop a range of invaluable skills vital for communicating and speaking confidently in a range of workplace settings such as meetings, presentations and communicating with clients. Sophie’s warm and personable style ensured my sessions with Cleary Confident were comfortable and easy. I have greatly valued Sophie’s guidance during our sessions and believe the skills I developed have been significant towards supporting my professional growth."  Sam Quinn, Researcher, Humanitarian Advisory Group.

"I have had the great fortune of undertaking coaching sessions with Sophie Graves which have been immeasurably beneficial to my professional and personal life. Amazingly, I felt my understanding of myself, my motivators and barriers and my ‘personal power’ had significantly increased even after just one session. Sophie’s approach is supportive, pragmatic and insightful, and Sophie has a knack for striking the right balance of challenging you to step outside your comfort zone while also being your cheer squad (or, more importantly encouraging you to become your own cheer squad!). As part of coaching, Sophie provides practical ‘homework’ to complement the discussions undertaken during the sessions. This means that the benefit of learning goes beyond the confines of the session – and allows you to apply the learning in real time. Sophie is an enthusiastic and effective champion for women reaching their full potential and owning their strengths and expertise and my short time with Sophie has taken me from feeling very nervous about speaking up at high level meetings to presenting on stage to approx. 500 people! Engaging Sophie has, by far, been the best investment I could make in my career."  Sarah McPherson, Manager Performance and Impact


  • Identify insights & impact

  • Engage your audience

  • Connect for confidence

  • Design for impact


  • Manage your mind

  • Leverage physiology

  • Hold the room

  • Navigate nerves



  • Establish credibility

  • Control the conversation

  • Design your delivery

  • Inspire action