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Communicate with confidence, clarity, conviction
& credibility

Communication and confidence are intrinsically linked.  They are they keys to feeling good and amplifying your value; your capability, your potential, your unique knowledge, expertise and strengths.

If you are clearly confident, you feel good about yourself, you can demonstrate your value and feel satisfied and happier. 

When you're not communicating with confidence, you're not putting your best foot forward.  You can stumble and falter and even want to run away and hide.  It can undermine your self worth, your impact, your effectiveness and potentially your career success.


Ultimately, others may not see what you've got to offer and your superpowers remain the worlds best kept secret.

This program aims to stop that in its tracks and give you the best chance of reaching your potential and thriving at work.  


  • Design to deliver 

  • Have a ‘memory map’ for your content 


  • Nail your introduction

  • Polish your finish

  • Inspire action 



  • Manage nerves

  • Voice and body techniques

  • Boundaries and engagement


  • Live run through

  • Tools and tech

  • Q&A


  • Content and design drafts

  • Individual practice

  • Rotating paired peer practice