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Many CEO’s and Executive Teams face challenges such as an inefficient structure, a workforce struggling with change, a culture lacking accountability or a leadership team that is struggling to deliver on strategy.  


You want to create positive change, deliver on Board expectations and be a trusted, credible leader who does the right thing in a reasonable timeframe. It's a tall order!

We understand these challenges and bring over 20 years of experience partnering with CEOs, Boards & Executive Teams behind the scenes to achieve their strategy through their people. 


We help you to define & deliver strategy; to align leadership teams; and create a culture that delivers results to the community, customers and stakeholders they serve. 


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Sophie Graves is a leader in the space of organisational culture and change, utilising her extensive experience in organisational psychology and leadership to deliver an engaging and customer focused approach that shifts thinking and behaviours. 

Sophie has a unique skill of understanding the business and issue at hand, adapting a solution that meets the brief and reasonates with the people. Sophie has provided support over many years as a mentor, coach, facilitator and consultant across the space of leadership, culture and team performance. Sophie's expertise and insight has provided both personal and professional development for me personally, as well as adding significant benefit to the organisations she partners with. 

Kaylene Jacques, GM People & Culture, Heart Foundation 

I have engaged Sophie over a period of 10 years in three different organisations and have found her support, knowledge and program delivery to be invaluable.

Sophie has helped me with leadership development programs for my teams, executive development and coaching, strategy planning and execution, culture and organisational development, structural change career decision, team building and in the development of high performing team programs.

She has enormous breadth and depth of knowledge and is a pleasure to work with. Sophie really cares about the people she works with and truly partners with them to get the best results for both the individual and the organisation. Her support has helped me with the decision making and execution as a leader, to improve organisational people management, culture and performance.

I would highly recommend Sophie to work with any level of leaders, to take your organisation or individual development to the next level.

Caroline Mulcahy RN, NICU, Msc, GAICD, CEO Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc

You provided advice and guidance on how to approach a team to create a strategy. The team were wary of consultants and felt that we should just get on with getting work done.  Your approach was consultative and encouraging...we got results in a collaborative manner that was previously difficult to obtain. The group enjoyed the experience and we felt attached to the strategy, which made the delivery genuine.


Your relaxed and friendly manner calms the room, which encourages participation. What I valued most was your ability to provoke thinking and challenge individuals.  It felt like we were in it together. You read the room and kept us on track. At the same time, you were open to change or suggestions and broke up the agenda to keep things interesting.  You preserved the focus of the group, were results oriented, brought about collaboration and delivered to a tight deadline. 

James Bowe, Managing Director, Olympus Australia

In the strategic development project you were able to assist us to a point of agreement on the important focus items very quickly. Your follow up work after the meeting and outputs were exactly what we were looking for.


By engaging your services it meant that all members of the leadership team and Board could be participants in the strategy workshop. It meant that time was not spent by any member of that workshop in the preparation prior and in the facilitation on the day. I think being a facilitator and a participant can become blurred at times and having a neutral independent person really helps.

You are able to read the room and adjust your agenda based on the abilities within the room. Other consultants like to plough ahead sticking to their agenda at all costs. You get a better result by tweaking it on the fly.

I think we achieve better outcomes by having the independent person with the right character/manner/attitude etc. Also you know us well so the examples and scenarios you mention hit the mark. You strike a rapport with each person you come into contact with and people like what you have to say. 

Scott Walker, CEO, Carers Victoria

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