• Sophie Graves

Coaching demystified...

There seems to be a veil of secrecy, a hint of fluffiness, or a fog of vagueness around coaching that I’d like to attempt to dispel.

In an effort to demystify things, here are a few of the reasons why people came to me for help last year:

  • Strategy development/business planning

  • Decision making

  • Business development & growth

  • Team structure

  • Managing tricky people

  • Leadership confidence

  • Difficult conversations

  • Team performance/culture

  • Personal confidence and articulation

  • Credibility, presence & influence

  • Applying for roles/pitching to Boards

  • Career decisions or dissatisfaction

  • Managing stress and time

To me, coaching is the intersection of the personal and professional, the internal and external, business and self, past and future.

It harnesses your skills, strategy, clarity, experience, ambition, opportunity, confidence, potential and personal power to achieve what you want in work and life.

Please contact me for a quick chat if you'd like to explore if coaching might help you.

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