• Sophie Graves

Coaching is no longer just for the Executives

I’ve long held the view that coaching benefits everyone, not just the most senior.

It’s true that most of my coaching clients are typically at the executive level. However, in recent years, I’ve been offering coaching services to all levels, sponsored by their progressive leaders.

The value and outcomes achieved from these programs are significant and impactful. Not just for the participants themselves, but their workplaces too.

There are often tangible and immediate improvements in effectiveness, team leadership capability, confidence, communication, satisfaction and performance. This provides a direct return on investment for employer and employee alike.

Coaching adds enormous value for emerging leaders, high potential specialists, future leaders, middle managers, or those who are simply underconfident or stuck. In my experience, these participants are often hungry to learn, grateful for the help and ready for growth.

In the increasing battleground to attract and retain good people, coaching sessions are no longer for the select few, but can be provided as a meaningful benefit to support and develop all levels of staff, particularly during times of significant change or disruption.

Q. What do you think, would more accessible coaching sessions help you or your workplace?

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