• Sophie Graves

Is business bugging you?

If you’re flat out, stressed, tired, questioning your ability and a bit over it all, don’t despair!

There are ways through, without getting out, or being trapped in this cycle forever.

Firstly, think big. Imagine the ideal scenario for your business. What specifically needs to change to make you feel happier, more satisfied, more successful? Is it time, type of work, stress levels, the team?

Then, start small.

Make one small change this week that will move you in the right direction.

Some examples my clients have made are:

  • an incremental increase in pricing

  • outsourcing a specific task to claim back 1 hour per week

  • having a conversation with a team member to resolve a minor, but recurring problem

  • using tech to speed up a daily process

  • training up the team on a specific skill so they can take on more

Or, you can work with me to adapt your business and love your work again!

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