• Sophie Graves

The Reluctant Leader

Many women get into business because they love what they do and want to add value to others.

They succeed, only to find themselves leading a team and managing a business, which are not the things their dreams were made of!

Here's what one of my lovely clients had to say:

"When I first contacted Sophie, I was feeling very isolated, overwhelmed and unsure of my skills as the Director of my small business. Having never studied business prior to becoming a business owner, I always felt as though I knew very little about how to be a “proper” manager of my staff."

"Sophie helped me to....feel more confident and self-assured as a Director. Her business mentoring/coaching services have been invaluable. I can’t recommend Sophie Graves’ program highly enough."

If you're a 'reluctant leader', don't despair! Reluctant leaders can absolutely become more comfortable, confident, and capable in their role, and enjoy their business again.

Contact me if you'd like to know more about my program to help you feel great and love your business again.

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