• Sophie Graves

A Lifestyle Strategy

Don’t continue slaving away in your business and accept that’s how it has to be forever. If you are finding yourself frustrated or unsatisfied, it may be time for a Lifestyle Strategy.

Stop for a moment and consider what want you want your life to look like in 3 years’ time.

Imagine the ideal scenario: What hours will you work, what holidays will you take, what work will you do, what clients will you have, what will you learn, how will your team perform, how will you feel? Don’t hold back, dream big.

THEN, develop your business strategy. That’s the beauty of owning a business, you are in the drivers seat. You can still serve your clients and community, as well as yourself.

Consider how can you start adapting your business to meet your vision. What can you automate, remove or re-design? What resources, support or technology will you need?

Get creative and map your course. It will breathe new life into you and your business.

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