• Sophie Graves

Productivity Pressure

Does great productivity come at the expense of creativity, energy or joy for you?

I can be super productive. But if I don’t watch out, I crash. I can get lots done, with zero fun.

For all the overachievers out there, the trick is to give yourself space to think, create, rest, automate, outsource, delegate, develop, learn or play.

I believe this comes down to giving yourself permission to stop, or switch. To value the time to do ‘nothing’, or pause to set up systems and support.

My antidote is to walk and walk. I have great ideas, or simply feel happier for being outdoors, socialise with friends, make phone calls, have a mental break, or learn from podcasts.

It fulfills my need to achieve something while doing ‘nothing’.

Identify your antidote to productivity pressure and make sure to take a dose now and then.

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