• Sophie Graves

Work and its purpose can anchor and motivate us.

We have the world's greatest distraction happening all around us with COVID 19.

It's understandably hard to get anything done, which of course impacts motivation, but more importantly, can also impact mood.

Yesterday, I wrote about utilizing Mastery as a source of motivation from Daniel Pink's research. (link in comments)

This blog will focus on PURPOSE, a pillar of his work on motivation.

As the leader of your team, you can help simply by focussing energy and attention, through a lens of purpose.

Roles and team responsibilities are now shifting daily for many, so it helps to anchor back to weekly activities and why they matter.

Such as:

  • The purpose of the team

  • The purpose of individual roles

  • How the team can add value to others

  • What's most important to get done this week and why?

This is a quick and consultative way to seek engagement and input regularly and anchor back to task.

It gives people a sense of control and satisfaction back; and provides clarity and purpose in all the chaos and concern.

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