• Sophie Graves

Business Baby

13 years ago, my business baby, ‘Adapt’ was born. Much like being a new parent, I was blissfully ignorant of how hard, wonderful, or rewarding it was going to be. I’m super proud of it and it is most certainly an extension of me, so Happy Birthday baby!

From flying solo to a fabulous little team, it’s been a fabulous, fascinating and dynamic experience which I’m very grateful for.

Adapt was a very deliberate choice of word, and is more relevant today than ever, as it represents a number of things:

  • We adapt what we've learnt in big business to a range of clients and industries

  • We adapt our approach and programs to meet the different needs of everyone we work with

  • Our programs and content continually evolve to meet contemporary workplace needs and best practice

  • The belief that we can utilise our individual and organisational strengths to adapt and be successful

Today, we help NFP, health, govt and purpose driven organisations to develop their strategy and build thriving teams, leaders and workplaces.

We also help individuals and leaders to improve their communication, confidence, impact, effectiveness, productivity, self and team leadership.

So, a huge THANK YOU to all my wonderful clients, supporters and colleagues over the years for your support and trust – you’ve all played a big role in helping my business baby to survive, adapt and thrive.

Into the teens we go!

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