• Sophie Graves

Founder frustration

Business dreams are made of talented, happy, and productive teams.

So, smart founders go about building collaborative, flexible environments with meaningful work and terrific people.

Then the cold hard reality hits - despite the good intent, great people are really hard to find and even harder to keep satisfied.

As team issues get more complex and time-consuming, founders can become full of self-doubt, feeling frustrated and unproductive.

However, there are ways to avoid the pain, that are sometimes skipped in the rush of growth, such as:

- Spend the time and effort to get the right people first time

- Nip issues in the bud and have tough conversations early

- Have clear expectations on behavioural values as well as results

- Get comfortable with continuous feedback

- Meet 1:1 regularly

- Take action during induction if the fit isn't right

- Have crystal clear team roles and responsibilities

Please reach out if you need help - I love helping women to love their business again!

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