• Sophie Graves

Is your tricky employee a rose about to bloom, or a thorn in your side?

It can be very hard to know whether an employee needs more support or development, or just isn’t the right fit.

If you’re constantly frustrated and wondering if your team member is right for your business, they probably aren’t.

Smaller organisations can least afford the time or investment in the wrong people. However, you may have delayed taking action, because you:

  • Like the person and want to support them

  • Don’t want to be seen as a bad person

  • Don’t want to be unfair, or do the wrong thing

  • Wonder whether your leadership is the issue

  • Don’t want to have difficult discussions

  • Don't want to hurt the person's feelings/career prospects/financial situation

It’s always worth giving the person the best chance to succeed, but your support can’t be limitless.

There are plenty of options to resolves issues with tricky people, none of which are as horrendous as they might seem! Contact me if you'd like to know more.

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