• Sophie Graves

Lacking confidence?

Confidence continues to be the #1 challenge my coaching clients are seeking to overcome. Whether you’re a CEO, an emerging leader, a business owner, an exec or a specialist, it rears its head in almost every situation.

Whether it’s a lack of confidence about your leadership, your communication, your public speaking, doing interviews, making decisions, navigating challenge, speaking up, managing change…

It feels awful, but I promise you, you’re not alone.

There are also many things you can do to build your confidence. So over the coming days I'm going to share a few tips to improve your confidence levels, regardless of the situation.

TODAY'S TOP TIP: Catch those nasty thoughts

1. NOTICE what nasty little things you say to yourself all day, often subconsciously. What does your brain say to you on repeat?

e.g., I can't do this/I’m stupid/I'll fail/I'm hopeless/ugly/useless/lazy...

Sound familiar? These thoughts can be are compelling, but are neither true nor helpful. However they can hold huge power over you if you let them. Ask yourself, is this a fact or just a thought?

Write the nasty thought down.

2. CATCH: Every time you hear that nasty though, try catching it and replacing it with a rational alternative. Not a softy lofty affirmation, but something realistic and relevant for you. e.g., I'll do my best, I’m learning, I’ll give it a go, it will be ok, I’m safe, it will be ok, I can do it, I'm ok

Write down an alternative, rational thought that works for you.

3. REPEAT: Every time you hear that nasty line run though your mind, catch it and replace it with the alternative, and repeat, repeat, repeat until that nasty thought fades away. Don't feed it with your attention!

It's much easier to feel confident and more resilient when you're not berating yourself all the time.

More to come on this topic soon...

Q: I'd love to hear your thoughts - what else do you think helps to build confidence?

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