• Sophie Graves

Maximising team performance and ROI

Most business owners sense that things aren't as productive as they could be.

Let's face it, people are wonderful but expensive! So it's critical to make the most of your resources, especially in small business.

While we tend to look immediately to behaviours or processes to resolve this, it's often due to a structure that has evolved over time and no longer serves the business.

When the structure is right, it also enables team engagement and performance which leads directly to better results.

Does your structure enable:

  • customers to engage with you throughout their experience

  • opportunities for growth? i.e. customer points of contact, ease of doing business, speed of response

  • confusion, duplication or inefficiency

Consider how:

  • You can devolve as much administration away from your senior and core people

  • What can be automated or outsourced (think any repeated tasks)

  • to best utilise the strengths of your team i.e specialist contractors, upskilling, outsourcing, admin support, automation?

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