• Sophie Graves

Motivation in the mayhem

Another of Daniel Pink's pillars of motivation is AUTONOMY, which stands true even during COVID19.

It's easier than ever to give greater autonomy to your team, without the physical ties that usually bind us. It's a natural extension of working remotely.

Now's a great time to provide space for self-directed learning and delivery.

Set the scene, expectations, and boundaries as you would normally. If you're not a natural delegator, this is a great time to start building the muscle.

I suggest using a workflow tool to support you, such as Asana or Trello if you're not already.

These tools give a terrific visual of everything on the go and who's responsible for what, by when. (There is a free version of both.)

This way you're giving your team freedom, while concurrently providing a sense of control, clarity and order (when there's none outside!)

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