• Sophie Graves

Motivation through mastery

What once was considered urgent and important has been put into perspective and motivation is taking an understandably big hit.

To keep morale and motivation up for you and your team, let’s come back to what we know works. Dan Pink’s framework for motivation for example, still holds true.

His research found that the keys to motivation are AUTONOMY, MASTERY AND PURPOSE (rather than carrot, stick approaches, or financial rewards).

Let's start with MASTERY, to learn or refine a skill, because:

- Despite the circumstances, it's still incredibly motivating to master something you couldn’t do before, or can’t do really well yet.

- It stretches us beyond our comfort zone to achieve something

- A sense of achievement couldn’t be more important right now to give people a little boost.

- It's a fabulous opportunity for innovation. It's the ‘hackathon’ idea applied to any type of business.

So try giving you and your team space to learn, master, and innovate. To research and experiment with new products, designs or concepts.

Apart from a boost of energy, you never know what might come of it...

You You never know what wonderful things might come of it.

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