• Sophie Graves

Pretend Pressure

Today feels like the official start of the year. The kids are back, the holidays are already a memory and there is a full week of uninterrupted work ahead. It feels good!

I admit it’s taken me a few days to get back into the swing of things. However, LOTS of people are expressing their complete lack of mojo, so if that's you, you're not alone.

Many have come back to work only to find that it's much the same as last year, which frankly is a bit disappointing. I get it, we were expecting something more from 2021!

One of the easiest ways to get cracking is to apply some 'pretend pressure'. Here are some examples:

- Schedule a meeting that will force you to prepare

- Commit to a deadline with a colleague/customer

- Do something you love (even if it's the lowest priority)

- Set a timer for 30 mins and do something you don't want to do

- Plan a reward for action (if I do this, I get that...)

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