• Sophie Graves

Rather eat a lemon?

There are plenty of people who would prefer to do that than to tell an employee what they’re doing wrong. And fair enough too, it's not fun.

There are folks who are leaders in their field, who become physically ill at the thought of having to have a difficult discussion with a staff member.

It’s almost easier to live with constant frustration than to have to confront the issue.

But a strategy of hope won’t improve your business performance, keep your good people, or let you get on with the important things.

It can be simple, but certainly not easy. There is a formula to it and the impact on your sanity and employee performance is enormous.

As a start:

  • Identify one specific behaviour that is problematic

  • Specify why it matters and the impact of the behaviour

  • Clarify a preferred alternative approach

  • Ask for input, feedback or how you can help

  • Prepare and practice what you will say

Contact me for a simple feedback framework that works!

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