• Sophie Graves

Strategy Session Strategies

Strategy sessions can be energising, enjoyable, and add loads of value to your business.

They are an opportunity for ideation and progress, not a long boring talkfest with mediocre outcomes.

Here are 5 ways to help you get great momentum:

  1. Engage before arrival - Ask participants some key questions to accelerate outcomes on the day and set expectations for participation.

  2. Plan a design, not just an agenda: Have a varied approach for each part of the day (including movement) to keep the energy and interest up. This also caters to different personalities and learning styles.

  3. Less than 3: Five-year plans gather dust. Plan for one year if you can, or three if you must.

  4. Focus or facilitate: Consider getting a great facilitator 😉 so you can focus and contribute to the day.

  5. Action and traction – Keep it simple and select fewer key priorities that you can do well, rather than a long list of ideals. Provide implementation support to your team to help them succeed.

Get creative and have some fun with it. Make it into an experience that the team looks forward to.

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