• Sophie Graves

Super (stretched) Woman

Smart, strong, and successful founders often find themselves working non-stop, facing tricky team issues, and faltering confidence in their leadership and business nous.

It can feel like a hard, overwhelming, chaotic slog that saps energy, productivity, confidence, and time for the important things.

There are the obvious things to advise, like delegation, automation, and hiring staff, but each of these can seem insurmountable when the pressure is on.

The key is to get back into the driver's seat and take back control of your business.

This starts with some creative planning and deliberate action:

  1. Imagine the ideal scenario for your business & lifestyle in 3 years’ time

  2. Develop a 12-month strategy to start

  3. Do 3 – 5 critical actions a month to move your closer to your goal

  4. Finally, give yourself permission to fuel yourself to go the distance (think fun, exercise, learning, paid help).

Without you, there’s no business, so it makes sense to invest in its most important asset.

It feels amazing to take back control and take action.

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