• Sophie Graves

Team Tension

We have all experienced the angst of tension with a colleague or staff member.

It doesn't matter what you do, things just don't flow between you. It's awkward and frustrating and frankly puts a downer on the day.

So what can you do?

My suggestion is to take stock of your options, then choose the one you’ll act on. (p.s there is no such thing as a perfect decision)

For example:

  1. Talk to them about it - let them know how you feel, or provide feedback (“nooo…” I hear you scream silently)

  2. Enlist help from above (I mean guidance from a senior leader or owner, not the great almighty)

  3. Adapt your own approach (What!? Surely it’s them not me?)

  4. Understand how they're different to you and depersonalize the behaviour - think personality, needs and communication styles

  5. Carry on and grit your teeth (not recommended, but always an option!)

The point is, it happens and it's normal but it can take a toll. So, choose whether you're going to do something about it and try it out.

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