• Sophie Graves

The Confidence Dial

Confidence isn’t an on or off switch. It’s not something you have or do not have, but a fluctuating sense of worth that is swayed by our mindset and circumstance.

It’s that glorious, intangible feeling of strength, comfort, peaceful contentedness, effortless flow, a steady centre and calm presence.

Most people want more of it, but it’s a fickle and elusive beast. It’s a matter of turning up the dial, rather than reaching a final destination.

Instead of spending lots of time in your head lamenting its absence, here are a few practical ways to look and feel more confident:

  1. Swap “we” language for “I” language e.g. “We should meet to discuss the strategy” to: “I will schedule a time for us to meet and discuss the strategy”.

  2. Stand, sit and walk tall. Imagine pulling an invisible wire from the middle of your sternum.

  3. Increase the volume or deepen the tone of your voice slightly.

  4. Smile, really look people in the eye and connect.

  5. Don't apologise as a default. Try “thanks for waiting” instead of “sorry I’m late”.

Confidence isn't a destination, but a continual turning of the dial, which takes repeated moments of practice and courage.

Start by identifying one area you'd like to focus on and turn the dial just a notch. It will feel fantastic.

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