• Sophie Graves

Tricky teams

Team issues keeping you awake at night?

Things such as unrealistic expectations, negative attitudes, poor results, or abrasive communications can impact a small team in a really big way.

Behavioural issues can seem a lot harder to manage than a lack of results because they feel much less tangible.

One simple but effective way to address behaviours and build a better team is to develop a team charter.

It’s a way of establishing the rules of engagement and flushing out the unsaid.

It's an inclusive agreement that’s made with yourself and your team on how you will work together, such as:

  • What’s our team purpose?

  • How will we know if we’re successful?

  • What are your expectations of yourself and others?

  • What do you need to be your best?

  • What might get in the way?

PS. it's meant to be good fun!

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