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Helping women to be more confident, satisfied and successful in their business and careers. 

Many CEO’s face challenges such as an inefficient structure, a workforce struggling with change, a culture lacking accountability or a leadership team that is struggling to deliver on strategy.  


You want to create positive change, deliver on Board expectations and be a trusted, credible leader who gets things done in a reasonable timeframe.   


You are primarily charged with developing and delivering a strategy. However, to be successful, you also need to establish credibility, decide what information to act on, who to trust, who the great performers are and those who are just great at talking about it.  You need to be able to enhance culture, to communicate in a way that is authentic and compelling; and to consult without building unrealistic expectations.  To be decisive, confident and get results….the list goes on!!


We understand these challenges and bring over 20 years’ experience partnering with CEO's, Boards & Executive Teams behind the scenes to achieve their strategy through their people. 


We help you to define & deliver strategy; to align leadership teams; and create a culture that delivers results to the community, customers and stakeholders they serve. 

“The Strategic CEO” Program..

The Strategic CEO program gives you access to best practice consulting firm expertise at a fraction of the price, adapted to your business.   You receive confidential, specialised support across a broad range of areas when you need it – a coach, an advisor, a team performance specialist, a consultant and a confidante in one.


Coaching & mentoring programs to partner with you closely and help to to achieve your personal and professional goals. 

About the Program 


This program has been developed specifically for professional women to build confidence, capability to have more satisfying and successful businesses and careers.


firstly develop an individualised strategy,

We then work closely together over 3, 6 or 12 months, to implement your plan and overcome challenges along the way. 

We meet monthly, identify monthly priorities and you can message me anytime when you need help.  

I'm in your corner and have your back to help you thrive, enjoy work and be your best.



This program is for CEO’s/MD’s of small to medium organisations with 15 – 150 people.  It’s for ambitious CEO’s who are keen to make an impact quickly, to take their organisations forward and make a difference to the customers and communities they serve. 


You are thirsty to keep growing as a leader and know that behind the most successful people is a specialised support crew.

For more information please contact Sophie Graves at, or call 0447 348 308 for a confidential discussion to explore if this is right for you.  

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