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Build team confidence and capability
for difficult discussions 

Your team is talented and dedicated, but they're struggling with interactions such as:

- Dealing with difficult stakeholders or customers

- Giving feedback to team members

- Conflict or highly emotive situations

They're frustrated, anxious and dissatisfied which is impacting their confidence and performance.

The good news is that anyone can learn how to have more courageous conversations, without days of expensive development, even if your team are naturally introverted.

We have developed simple, effective methodologies to guide your team through challenging situations and help them be their best and build respectful, productive communications, relationships and outcomes.


Teams are guided through the framework below to give them the tools to have courageous conversations with ease.  

Build relationships, trust and understanding 

Identify why some conversations are so challenging, their impact and what holds us back.

Explore the most important situation for you to address and plan your approach.


Identify the purpose and ideal outcome from your conversation to move forward.


Connect effectively with your audience and shape your message to maintain or build the relationship.

Utilise frameworks to support you to prepare and deliver your message effectively.