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CoachConnect is an employee benefit which enables all level of staff to access to workplace

coaching for support with their development, performance and satisfaction at work.

CoachConnect provides access to a confidential, objective coaching conversation using inquiry, deep listening, goal setting and gentle challenge to navigate workplace relationships, challenges and opportunities, to help staff to more forward productively.

Providing the opportunity for individual coaching is welcomed and appreciated by staff, particularly during periods of disruption or significant change, as it supports staff to navigate challenging times more effectively.

The number of sessions offered in the workplace is determined based on your needs.



Thank you for your time today. I really appreciate having the opportunity to chat through these things with someone who is aware of the situation but not intimately involved.

I really appreciated the session today and found it extremely helpful.


I was glad of the opportunity to provide an overview of my own situation and the fact you responded with constructive and helpful advice. The advice was particularly meaningful coming from someone of your experience. You covered off all the points on which I was looking for feedback. I had felt a bit overwhelmed as what the next steps might be - thank you for providing a framework and approach. I would definitely recommend the service to others.

Thank you again, it is a fantastic opportunity to have access to this service.

Thanks very much for your time today. I found the session incredibly valuable to talk through how I am feeling with the situation at the moment and coming up with some strategies to help motivation and switching off.


I greatly appreciated your time and thanks again.

Thank you so much for supporting me through the CoachConnect session.  It can be hard to reach out and ask for support, but I was so pleased afterwards that I had. I felt safe in expressing my concerns and personal issues related to the current changes. You are insightful and caring, a great listener, and provided practical advice that has helped me understand what I can and can’t control. The most valuable parts of the session included your reinforcing to me that I have skills that will be of value outside the organisation; that life goes on whatever the outcome of the current restructure support; and some insights into how to structure some of the questions in an interview process should that occur.  I would highly recommend you to others (and have).