Building better teams, leaders and businesses

With growth comes challenge


You’re smart, strong and successful, but you are now finding yourself working non-stop, facing tricky team issues or faltering confidence in your leadership or business nous.  Sometimes it feels like a hard, overwhelming, chaotic slog. You may be starting to wonder if it's all worth it!  


The team you thought would help you is now causing you angst.  You're finding yourself getting caught up in the day to day operations rather than being able to focus on the important things.  You're frustrated with things that are holding you back such as:

Underperforming team members 

Inefficiency and poor productivity

Time and energy taken up with staff issues

Difficult staff conversations/giving feedback

Uncertainty about leadership approach and decisions

  You may be dreaming of a team that runs independently and time to develop yourself, build the business, to get on top of your health or see more of friends and family.

The Perfomance Project

Building successful teams, leaders and businesses

The market is flooded with help for start-ups or larger organisations, but in-between, there is a complete lack of the right blend of strategic, self and staff leadership support that has targeted relevance for you.


It is very hard to find the right person to work with who is a leadership specialist, business mentor, team performance expert, coach and confidante in one. 

The Performance Project combines all of the above into a customised program, which focusses on 3 key elements of leadership. When combined, these forces have a powerful impact on performance (and your sanity!):


A leadership & strategy coach, business mentor, confidential sounding board and team performance expert in your back pocket. 


Learn the strategies to drive your team and business forward, so you focus on the important things. 

"The Performance Project” 



This is a 90 day program, focused on helping you move from indecision and uncertainty to a confident, capable and authentic business leader, with a clear plan for success for you and your business.


Every program is unique.  We work together to create the perfect approach for you and the demands of your business.  


STEP 1 - Destination


We will start with the end in mind by getting really clear on your ideal business, team and program goals so I can help you move towards them.



STEP 2  - Diagnosis


The Diagnosis has three core components so we can quickly get to the heart of things and address what matters most and accelerate results.  Firstly, we will complete a visual diagnostic to assess the core areas of strength and weakness across your leadership, team, culture and business.   


Secondly, a '24 Factor' team survey and report will also inform how we work together.  Thirdly, a personality/leadership style assessment report will fast-track your leadership development to achieve your objectives.

This analysis will be combined into a recommendations report and customised plan for our time together.



STEP 3 - Debrief & Development


This is where the rubber hits the road, with monthly coaching sessions, targeted action and ongoing support between sessions.   I will support you to move forward and to navigate team and business challenges in 'real time'.  

STEP 4 – Direction


We review progress over the 90 day period against the initial diagnostic and measure your current position.  I will provide you with clear recommended next steps to keep thing moving along in the right direction.


This program has been carefully considered to fit into your work/life, so we can achieve a lot in the least amount of time.


At the start of the program we will pinpoint your objectives and then meet monthly to develop your leadership, team and business accordingly. The program includes:

- 2 hour strategy session and performance diagnostic

- 24 Factor team survey & report

- Personality/leadership assessment & report & debrief

- Monthly 1 hour leadership and strategy sessions 

- Fortnightly check ins

- Tools, templates and techniques

- Progress review and next steps recommendation

When I say I like to partner with my clients I mean it.  We become a team and I’ll be drawing on my knowledge and experience to ensure you achieve the goals we set out to achieve at the beginning of our time together.


This program is for CEO's or Directors of small to medium businesses who are ready to take their business to the next level, but are also struggling with navigating the day to day demands of leading a team and getting frustrated with performance roadblocks. I work with you behind the scenes and help you to lead with conviction and get better results from your team and time. 


If this sounds appealing, let’s have a exploratory chat so we can discuss the program in more detail and establish if this is the right fit for you.  

What others say about working with me 

I can’t recommend Sophie Graves’ program highly enough. When I first contacted Sophie, I was feeling very isolated, overwhelmed and unsure of my skills as the Director of my small business. Having never studied business prior to becoming a business owner, I always felt as though I knew very little about how to be a “proper” manager of my staff. During our initial sessions, she spent a considerable amount of time finding out about my business so that she could tailor our sessions to my specific needs. After we had identified my unique goals, we worked together to find workable solutions to my problems. One area that I was finding most challenging was feedback sessions with staff. Sophie helped me learn some simple strategies to put in place to ensure that I was well-prepared but that the meeting was a respectful and supportive one between both parties. This has made an enormous difference to the way that I now engage with all my staff and I am no longer under-confident about conducting these types of meetings.


Through my monthly individual sessions, I’ve learned, first and foremost, that I know far more than I think I do!   However, Sophie has taught me highly useful techniques to help fine tune my knowledge. I have found her style to be approachable, consultative and supportive. The sessions were highly practical and I was instantly able to put her recommendations into practice. She has helped me to feel more confident and self-assured as a Director. I feel as though I have a coach in my corner and I know that I will continue to seek out her support as I need it. Her business mentoring/coaching services have been invaluable. Thank-you Sophie!  Olivia Connelly, Director, Gameplan

Over the years it became clear that as a team we needed some specific support to get the most from our staff. But we are a unique business and we couldn’t just get anyone. We needed someone that was adaptable and engaging. Someone that the team would like and respond to. When we met Sophie from The Adapt Group and both Beth (my co-Director) and I knew we had the right person. She was practical and funny and genuinely interested in our work and making the business successful. She started out tailoring a 360 degree review process for all our staff that would help provide insights into areas of strength and areas for growth. Sophie supported each team member to develop a professional development plan and followed up with practical tips and suggestions. The team has responded really well for a couple of reasons: firstly they recognised that we (HAG and Sophie) were interested in their personal and professional development and that made staff feel valued; and secondly, we have seen changes in the way staff engage and react in certain circumstances. I hear examples of different tools that staff use that have been recommended by Sophie. For me as a manager I have had a sounding board and support that has never been available to me before. I don’t have to spend so much time agonising over people issues because I can just chat them through and figure out a plan. Kate Sutton, Humanitatrian Advisory Group

Sophie is an absolute pleasure to work with – so practical and helpful with her advice on top of it being easy to follow. She is also very gracious in the giving of her time. I would highly recommend working with Sophie and I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again in the future!  Jess Brown, COO, Legion Building Solutions

Sophie has helped me identify specific objectives within the key areas of my business and then formulated a timeline and framework to bring them together in such a way that will enable me to achieve both my business and personal goals as a company director.  The priories we have set at this early stage provide much needed clarity and forward motion that I have found difficult to achieve on my own accord.  Annie Abbott, Director Habbot Shoes

I’m passionate about helping successful business owners lead with clarity, conviction and authenticity to take their businesses towards greater growth without sacrificing health, family and flexibility.


I have over 20 years of experience in organisational, leadership and strategy development, combined with over a decade of practical experience in small business and a passion to help founders to succeed.


I’ve worked with small, large and global organisations in both the public and private sectors and have spent many years representing leading edge consulting firms. For the last 11 years, I've grown a successful leadership and organisational development business, which brings a depth of knowledge and understanding that only lived experience can bring.

Throughout this time I have designed and led numerous leadership, culture, and strategy programs with Executive teams and Boards.  I have coached over 100 leaders, including HR Executives, CEO's & Business Founders.

My qualifications are in Psychology, Business and HR.  I’m also a certified Executive Coach and seasoned facilitator, with accreditations in several psychometric tools which build awareness of leadership and personality skills and styles.

This program distils my experience, education and expertise into a high value, focussed program specifically for business founders to get great results, feel clear and confident; and get back in control so that they have more time and energy to focus on the important things.


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