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Executive coaching provides an experienced accountability partner to support senior professionals to achieve their potential, to increase levels of satisfaction and motivation, and to amplify individual, team and organisational performance. 


We view executive coaching as a two-way relationship between the leader and the coach.  It is future focused and works through conversation, inquiry, deep listening, goal setting and gentle challenge to increase the executive's self-awareness and self-mastery in workplace relationships and responsibilities.

Below are some examples of areas addressed in our coaching programs:

  • Leadership capability and presence

  • Decision making and results

  • Increased clarity on options and priorities

  • Productivity and performance

  • Feedback and communication

  • Team performance

  • Communication and influence

  • Self - awareness and confidence

  • Health and wellbeing



Our approach to coaching is informed, targeted, pragmatic and individualised. A warm and engaging approach builds trust and rapport, whilst the clarity and focus of guided development planning ensures that optimum value is gained from the program, by turning awareness into action.

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